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Breaking down on the side of the road can be frustrating and scary. Whether you run out of gas, have a sudden blowout, or an unforeseen mechanical problem, all of these things can absolutely ruin your day and leave you wondering who to call. Orlando 24/7 Speedy Towing is there for you when the unfortunate occurs. Not only will we be there in a hurry, but we also have the knowledge and experience to take care of many of your roadside problems.

When we can fix it, we will make sure that you and your vehicle arrive safely at the mechanics, and we’ll work with you to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We serve Southern Florida and the Orlando area and are here for you any time of the day or night.

Our Services 

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There’sThere’s nothing worse than breaking down on the side of the road and having no options for a fix. When your vehicle breaks down, Orlando 24/7 Speedy Towing knows just what to do. We can come to get your car at any time of the day or night. We have the technology to take care of many minor issues, but when a roadside repair isn’t possible, we can get you to the garage or destination of your choice and make sure that you and your vehicle are safe and sound. We work with you to get your car to the appropriate repair shop so that you spend as little time off the road as possible.

Towing Services in Orlando

Roadside Assistance

Sometimes the issue might be a minor repair that won’t require your vehicle to be towed to a mechanic. Our technicians can diagnose and repair minor problems in many cases and get you back on the road without ever having to tow the vehicle from the spot. When you call, our crewmen will shop up with tools and techniques ready to repair and diagnose the problem and do our best to solve it right there on the spot.

In cases where a significant repair is required, we’re ready to tow you to the mechanic of your choice, or we can suggest local repair specialists, and we’ll make the process as painless as possible.

Roadside Assistance in Orlando

Lock-Out Services 

There’sThere’s nothing worse than making a stop and realizing your electronic locks have shut you out of your car or that you managed to lock your keys in the vehicle with the engine running, and now you’re stuck, with no choice but to call for help or break a window.

That’sThat’s where our teams come in. We provide expert lockout services to get you back in your vehicle. Whether it’s a traditional lockout or electronic locks, we have the tools to get you back into your car without doing damage to your precious ride. Not only that, speed is an essential factor in these instances since there may be groceries or children that need tending to. At Orlando 24/7 Speedy Towing, fast service is what we do, so you can rest assured that when you call us, we’ll be there in a hurry to get you back in your vehicle and back on the road.

Lock-Out Services in Orlando
Fuel Delivery in Orlando

Fuel Delivery 


Running out of gas is not only embarrassing but frustrating, especially when it happens miles from the nearest gas station. Certainly, you must have had at least another 5 miles in the tank. Never fear! Orlando 24/7 Speedy Towing is here to bail you out of that unfortunate jam with our convenient fuel delivery service. Our technicians always carry gas cans and will get to you fast so you can gas up and get going again.

Tire Change or Repair in Orlando

Tire Change


A flat tire can disrupt any journey, turning a smooth ride into a roadside delay. However, such hiccups can be addressed swiftly and efficiently with expert assistance. Our skilled professionals possess the right tools and expertise to change your tire, minimizing your time stranded. Safety is paramount; hence, relying on trained hands ensures your vehicle tires are in optimal condition for the journey ahead. A tire change service is indispensable in the world of unpredictable road mishaps. Trust in our Tire Change service to turn potential frustrations into mere bumps on the road.

Jump Start Service in Orlando

Jump Start 

Suddenly having your car go dead is a major issue and is not one that a person can normally solve by themselves. Since the average driver doesn’t carry a spare battery around with them and jump-starting a car is a two-person job, this is a situation where you’re you’re definitely going to need some help. Luckily, Orlando 24/7 Speedy Towing is there for you. All of our drivers come equipped with jumper cables and are fully knowledgeable in the process of getting your car running again in a flash.

It’s important to remember, though, a jump-start will get you running again, but it won’t fix a dead battery. Once you get back on the road, it is best to find a local battery dealer or mechanic to get a new battery installed as soon as possible otherwise. You’llYou’ll be calling again for a jump start very soon.

Motorcycle Towing 


Towing a motorcycle is not the same as a regular vehicle. It requires special knowledge and equipment to safely and securely transport a bike. We know how vital your motorcycle’s safety is and have the tools and equipment needed to do it properly. You won’t have to worry about damage to the tires or chassis with our towing professionals.

Motorcycle Towing in Orlando

Accident Removal 

Orlando 24/7 Speedy Towing is also available to respond after an accident to remove your vehicle from the scene once the accident report has been made and tow it to your local mechanic or other destination. We can make sure that you and your vehicle arrive where they need to go.

Our drivers also handle the roadside cleanup of vehicle debris when removing a vehicle from an accident scene to ensure safe road conditions for other drivers.

Accident Removal in Orlando

Vehicle Removal and Impounding


For business owners, customer parking comes at a premium. Whether it’s a shopping plaza, an apartment complex, or just private property, our tow truck drivers are available to remove unwanted vehicles and take them to the local impound lot.

Enforcing proper parking procedures is essential for the community’s safety and security, and Orlando 24/7 Speedy Towing prides itself on serving the community.

Vehicle Removal & Impound Service in Orlando

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Whether you’ve got a flat, a dead battery, a complete breakdown, or other vehicle issues, it’s crucial to have a company you can count on to be there for you in your time of need.

The next time you experience a vehicle emergency, call Orlando 24/7 Speedy Towing at (407) 874 – 5581 to have one of our team assist you.

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